Learning What Works: Is Turmeric a Natural Blood Thinner?

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Learning What Works: Is Turmeric a Natural Blood Thinner?
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Turmeric is known for having many health benefits, and while some individuals use it to manage inflammation, others use it as a blood thinner.

Instead of turning to synthetic drugs or medications, some claim that turmeric can act as a natural supplement which can help thin your blood.

High-grade turmeric curcumin is known for having potent anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it great for helping manage and prevent conditions such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

If you’d like to know more about this product, we’ll teach you about it.

Turmeric as a Natural Blood Thinner

The answer to the questions "Is turmeric a natural blood thinner?" is yes. For centuries, it has been considered one of the best natural blood thinners available to the common folk.

The reason for its potent properties is that of a particular chemical called curcumin which can be found in high-grade turmeric. This property allows blood to become thinner and has anti-coagulation properties which make it helpful in stopping blood clots.

By taking this supplement every day, you can prevent platelets from sticking together and forming life-threatening blood clots.

However, if you’re taking Coumadin or Warfarin, you should avoid taking turmeric, as it has too powerful blood-thinning properties and may prevent your body from clotting blood when you have a cut, which could leave you at risk for increased bleeding.

Using Turmeric for Managing Cholesterol Levels

Using Turmeric for Managing Cholesterol Levels

When it comes to preventing blood clots, managing cholesterol levels come to mind. There are many over-the-counter and natural ways to control and lower cholesterol, but experts said that turmeric could also help manage it.

By lowering your cholesterol levels, you can prevent any formations of plaque or clogs in your arteries and reduce your chances of having a heart attack. Turmeric could also be vital in helping prevent any permanent damage and promote curing of any blood or heart-related issues you’re already suffering from.

Recommended Dose

There are many ways to get turmeric in your diet, but the most popular method is through using it in cooking. Turmeric is customarily ground up into a fine spice and can be sprinkled or put on your food.

There is no taste, and the only difference you’ll notice is that the turmeric will change the color of your food to yellow.

Another popular method is by taking the root and cutting it up. This is the most effective way to take turmeric, as it will be in its purest form.

You should only take up to three grams of this per day, as the dosage will be very potent and high in curcuminoids.

When it comes to a ground or pill form, we highly suggest you take anywhere from 600 milligrams to 1,800 milligrams per day. Depending if it has added properties to help with absorption, you may want to go with a lower dose.

Some people are sensitive to higher doses and will notice slight headaches and stomach aches, so it’s best to start at a lower dose and slowly work your way up to a higher one.

Another method of taking turmeric is to take it as an extract. You can take up to ninety drops per day, and if using a tincture, you can take up to 160 drops per day.

As you can see, there are different dosages when it comes to what method you’re using to take turmeric. You always want to stay within the acceptable guidelines since if you don’t, there can be some complications.

Talking with a Healthcare Professional

Any blood-thinning supplements should be consulted with your doctor to help determine if it’s safe for you to take on a daily basis. You want to minimize the risk of blood clotting and heart disease, but you don’t want to cause more issues if there are some already present.

While there isn’t much harm to overdosing and turmeric is relatively safe, you still want to make sure that they don’t interfere with any other supplements or medications you’re taking. Even if turmeric is all natural, that doesn’t mean you can use it in combination with other medicines.

The Verdict

Is turmeric a natural blood thinner? Yes, it has exceptionally useful results when it comes to taking it as a supplement or adding it to your food.

Various experts and users have claimed that when using turmeric, you’ll see a natural reduction in not only inflammation around the joints, but also see the prevention of blood clots.

The only downside is that it does thin your blood, making it harder to stop bleeding if you get cut. This can be dangerous for those who suffer from particular illnesses, so always consult a doctor before choosing to add it to your daily regimen.

Having a natural and organic way to help thin your blood can be helpful to a lot of individuals. You can take turmeric as a pill, extract, or sprinkle it into your food. Just make sure you know what dose is necessary for the method you’re using to take it.

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